The "t-selections" Optimal Wagering Strategy

optimizing bets

Below is the t-selections optimal wagering strategy based on the Kelly Criterion. I have opted to minimize the inherent volatility present in the Kelly Criterion by incorporating a fractional strategy...  In order to use the wagering strategy accurately and effectively, please follow these instructions:

Optional Fields:

  • T - Track
  • R - Race number
  • H - Horse number

Required Fields:

  • Starting Bankroll
  • O - Odds of the horse
  • p w % - Predicted win % (as a decimal, i.e., .27 for 27%)
  • w l - Enter w or l for winning or losing bet
  • p - mutual payout of winning horse

Automatically Calculated Fields:

  • % w - Percentage of bankroll to bet based on the odds and the predicted probability of winning
  • w A - Wager amount
  • R - Total return on the bet
  • t B - Running bankroll amount

Optimal Wagering Calculator:

t-sel OWC

Wagering Strategy Explained