The System Explained:

short overview of the system and conditional pick-4...

My "t-selections" System

...used for selections is quite complicated to explain but, in summary, consists of the best databases analyzed with Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Monte Carlo Simulations. The analysis is done by very sophisticated software: Statistica, Risk Solver Platform, Neurosolutions For Excel, and Evolver...... If you are interested in playing the Pick-4, you might find my "The Conditional Pick-4" paper interesting..... Feel free to e-mail me with any questions and/or suggestions.... Good Luck...!!! I strongly encourage all of you who play the Pick-3's, Pick-4's, Pick-5's, and Pick-6's to incorporate the "Conditional" strategy. For those of you who are playing the exotics - I suggest using the %Win column as the preferred order of selections for your Pick-4's. For the Pick-3's I suggest using ALL the horses with an asterisk (*) under the Key column. For single races, the betting strategy I use is the RP-XL Value column.... A 5 horse trifecta box when the total odds of the horses is greater than 40 (gray number above the Key).... A 6 horse $0.10 superfecta might be an intriguing play as well...... All of my selections are handicapped for a fast track only unless noted differently. If the track turns out to be sloppy or muddy - pass. If there are late scratches, use the next horse or use your better judgement...

Sample Race:

Santa Anita Park - Sunday, February 26, 2012:   Race 11

    (7) Union Rags wins the Fountain Of Youth....


My Other Systems

There are not too many mechanical systems out there that can show a consistent profit. Throughout the years I have tried myriads of them and, ultimately, they would all fail. Some of the systems I purchased, some were developed by me...

t-selections System - I 

This one was developed by me over 20 years ago, and, I occasionally still use it. It does and will show you a profit if you stick with it AND follow all the rules... I challenge you to prove me wrong and obviously praise the system if you should use it and win.

These are the rules:

  • 5 POINTS:  Last 3 races must be within 45 days of today's race.

  • 4 POINTS:  Two of the last 3 races must be at the same distance and surface as today's race.

  • 3 POINTS:  Two of the last 3 races must be at the same or lower class as today's race.

  • 2 POINTS:  In 2 of the last 3 races the horse must have finished first, second, third, fourth, or was within 8 lengths of the winner.

  • 1 POINT:   Odds of the horse were 8-1 or less in 2 of the last 3 races.

TIEBREAKER: Higher lowest speed figure in the last 3 races...

The Play is the horse that has:

  • At least 11 points AND is the highest score horse

  • Is tied with at most 1 other horse and wins the tiebreaker...

t-selections System - II

This is by far the most powerful one of all. This system has changed my life as I have made tremendous profits using it. The only reason it is not number one is simply because you will not see it often.  It is a pattern or an angle, whichever you prefer. I discovered this back in 1992 and of all the plays since then, it has missed only once... the horse came in second...

If you do keep your eye on this pattern and should come across a play, I would very much appreciate if you let me know....

These are the rules:

  • Last 3 races within 60 days of today's race.

  • Third race back the horse ran at today's exact distance AND was first or within 2 lengths at the top of the stretch AND finished 5th or worse.

  • Second race back the horse ran at a longer distance than today's race by 1 furlong or less AND was first or within 2 lengths at the top of the stretch AND finished 5th or worse.

  • Last race the horse ran at a longer distance than the second race back by 1 furlong or less AND was first or within 2 lengths at the top of the stretch AND finished 5th or worse.

  • Today's race is at the same distance AND surface as the third race back.