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Selections from the racetracks below: after  payment, you will be directed to a page where you can immediately download your purchased selections. Additionally, an e-mail with the download links will be sent! The download links will be valid for 24 hours after the time of purchase.
All Selections are pre-scratches, unless stated otherwise... You can re-download updated selections by clicking on the link provided with your purchase...

Saturday: October 24, 2020 (All selections will be uploaded by 11:30 AM EST)

Saturday Package:  $15.00
Includes All Race Tracks - (Belmont, Santa Anita, Woodbine)

Belmont: (post-scratches)

Woodbine: (post-scratches)

Santa Anita: (pre-scratches)

What is offered:

  • Selections for every race with a %Win chance and my RP-XL Value for every horse on the race card. A minimum of three full cards handicapped every Saturday and every Sunday.
  • Suggested Pick-4 Plays. These are basic suggestions and not necessarily the plays I personally make. The suggested tickets are usually under $50.00.
  • Conditional Pick-4's are offered separately and are not necessarily the same as on the race card's as I look for much more value and are more expensive.
  • Opt out of purchase at anytime - no questions asked - a pro rated refund will be issued immediately.

What is not offered:

  • First and foremost, I offer absolutely NO guarantees. I don't believe it is possible in this sport to guarantee any winners or profit.
  • I will not guide your hands as to the plays. I make only basic suggestions but the ultimate decision on how and what to play is yours alone. The reason is that there are so many types of bets, so many different preferences, and, individual bankrolls differ.
  • I do not guarantee that selections will be posted after scratches although I do attempt to update the selections when possible. The scratches do not significantly alter the order of the predicted outcomes.