Thoroughbred-Selections Picks winners by integrating Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Monte Carlo Simulations in the handicapping process.

Additionally, the copyrighted "Conditional Pick-4©" Strategy is unlike anything you have ever seen.

The Best mathematical Selections, coupled with a wagering system and strategy equals "Success" !

Free Race Of The Day: March 23, 2019 - Louisiana Derby (GII)

Saturday & Sunday, March 23-24, 2019

  • Aqueduct
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  • Fair Grounds

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Upcoming Stakes Races:

  • Aqueduct: Cicada Stakes
  • Gulfstream: Any Limit Stakes
  • Gulfstream: Hutcheson Stakes (GIII)
  • Fair Grounds: Costa Rising Stakes
  • Fair Grounds: Crescent City Derby
  • Fair Grounds: Crescent City Oaks
  • Fair Grounds: Muniz Memorial Handicap (GIIT)
  • Fair Grounds: New Orleans Handicap (GII)
  • Fair Grounds: New Orleans Ladies Stakes
  • Fair Grounds: Fair Grounds Oaks (GII)
  • Fair Grounds: Louisiana Derby (GII)
  • Fair Grounds: Star Guitar Stakes

Conditional Pick-4©

The chance of winning a 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 crisscross wager is 12.96% (1 out of 7.7 plays) and the cost of the $2 ticket would be $162.00. To achieve a profit one would have to have a winning ticket that pays over $1,100.00 once in every 7.7 attempts (7.7 x 162). I would like to share with everyone a system of playing the pick 4. I believe that it is superior to anything I have seen to date.

The goal is to minimize the number of combinations without minimizing the number of horses under consideration to win the race. Let’s say we wanted to play a pick 4 with 3, 3, 4, and 5 horses respectively in each of the 4 legs. That would be a total of 180 combinations or $360.00. Using, my copyrighted “Conditional Pick-4”   Read More

Triple Crown Race Selections...

Selections from the Triple Crown Races  -  Belmont Stakes - 146 , now that was a WOW selection!